Clinics & salons

The flip side of connecting beauty brands to the industry, is that I get to work with amazing salons and clinics too.

Beauty clinic


Beauty Brands Connector works with businesses ranging from Aesthetic Clinics, Skincare Specialists, Beauty Salons, Hair Salons and Retailers.

The businesses we work with include single therapist salons through to those businesses with multi therapist’s and everything in between, both in the UK and Internationally.

We work together to identify any gaps within your business.

Once we have identified these gaps I will work with you and connect you to the right brand/equipment and/or training.

Think freelance business development manager/trainer working on behalf of AMAZING indie brands within the industry!

A brand with heart


“Owning a salon is never easy, knowing what new product lines to introduce is a challenge far bigger than one would imagine. That’s when Helen is just amazing, her genuine caring and nurturing nature make it so easy to have a working relationship with.

Helen’s knowledge in the industry is enormous and her training is by far one of the best my staff have received.

Helen has so much passion for the industry, and is extremely organized this makes connecting the dots between you and suppliers a breeze.”

Jacqui Estetica | sALON OWNER, Portugal