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I work with a selection of amazing indie beauty bands, all looking to increase brand awareness and grow their market share. I’m always on hand to offer advice and support as well as getting their beauty brands out there.

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If you’re looking to grow your beauty brand within the industry I’d love to hear about it.

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Meet our Beauty Brands

Let me introduce the brands I am lucky enough to be working with and connecting to the industry.

Albus & Flora logo


Albus & Flora products

Albus & Flora is a dedicated Lip Cosmeceutical brand focussed on providing clinically effective anti-ageing lip care to protect against environmental aggressors, & positively impact lip skin health.

Available through a selected network of professional aesthetic practitioners, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, doctors, dentists & medical spas.

  • Deeply nourishing, highly anti-oxidant, vitamin, peptide and omega rich SPF30 balm to hydrate and protect against premature ageing
  • Available in clear, and a range of natural sheer colours
  • Formulated with alpine rose extract from the Swiss Alps and cranberry and raspberry seed oil from the Arctic to protect against sun damage, fine lines and loss of lip fullness
  • With a powerful blend of seaberry, avocado and blackcurrant seed oils to nourish, stimulate cell renewal and support skin barrier function.
  • Broad-spectrum UVB (SPF 30) and UVA1 & UVA2 filters, anti-oxidants, vitamins (C & E) and omega oils (3,6,7 & 9) deliver high-performing defence against sun damage and skin ageing
Bowe Organics prodcuts

FOUNDED BY DIANE BOWE, A hair specialist LIVING IN the North East of England

Diane stumbled into the world of organic beauty when she started to use organic colours and products for her hairdressing back in 2012. This is where her passion fuelled journey began.

She wanted to fully understand the true power of nature and all the benefits it could provide, and on the flip side, wanted to understand about all the toxic and harmful chemicals found in most products. It is important to Diane that no person or animal is exploited in order for her to make a profit, which is why her brand is cruelty free and registered with the Vegan Society. She also works with ethical suppliers who work directly with the farmers to make sure there is no slave labour or exploitation on the farms where the ingredients are sourced.

After years of researching and trying different blends of botanical ingredients, Diane has created a luxury, artisan, effective brand for the world to love and cherish as much as she does.

The range currently holds a lash oil, brow oil, fragranced and non fragranced hair oil, candles and a beautiful Get Glowing Face Mask

Consult with Confidence logo

Consult with Confidence is an online consultation portal

Pretty brunette woman typing email on laptop

Built exclusively for Aesthetic Clinics, Beauty Salons/Therapists & Hair Salons/Stylists.

Designed to manage all of their client consultations and Colour/Tint Patch Tests.

It allows staff to provide clients with better care & guidance, helps to protect their business along with retaining clients and keeping treatment knowledge up to date.

  • Hundreds of pre-built treatment consultations forms
  • Pre-Send consultation forms to clients
  • Instant access to client records from anywhere in the world
  • Automatic aftercare advice emailed to clients
  • Pre-Visit Forms emailed to clients
  • Individual login accounts
  • PDF downloads of consultations and associated notes
  • General Data Protection Regulation 2018 Compliant
  • Free lifetime updates and version improvements
  • Full Support
Cosmetics on a display stand
Displayitt logo

Beautifully made display stands for all your salon needs

Displayitt offers a be-spoke service with installations including lighting.

Designed with style and made with love in the UK.

Evy Technology logo

A revolutionary Swedish invention, Evy sunscreen mousse is based on patented medical skin care technology and has been manufactured in Sweden since 1999.

Evy Technology sunscreen

EVY’s patented formula has several unique features that give you superior protection. It forms a protective barrier that enhances your skin’s natural defenses. The mousse spreads throughout the top layer of skin, instead of staying on the surface which many creams do.

This means you get very long-lasting protection against both UVA and UVB rays. EVY products also protect your skin from heat, wind and water stress as well as skin irritants such as chlorinated or salty water, algae, or soap.

From a facial SPF for your salon OR a complete head to toe SPF line, EVY has you covered.

Facelite products


The medical heritage reassures you of the efficacy of the full face at home device SAFELY. faceLITE uses the clinically proven wavelengths 633 and 830nm.

The technology works on blood, lymph, intense hydration, collagen, deep lines, wrinkles, scar tissue, localised pain relief, inflammation/calming, pigmentation, reduces cortisol and boosts serotonin.

The perfect at home device to complement, enhance and ensure the all so important accumulate effects for optimum results.

JANE SCRIVNER SKIN FIRST is a commitment to a healthy skin regime that helps and allows skin to replenish and rebalance

Jane Scrivener exfoliator

Putting your SKIN FIRST in 5 STEPS. 5 Applications to feed your skins natural physiology and 5 steps to growing your glow.

Just 5 moments to CLEANSE, EXFOLIATE, HYDRATE, NOURISH, MOISTURISE every day, twice a day. Replenishing and replacing what nature takes away.

JANE SCRIVNER SKIN FIRST a programme and range using natural and organic, plant derived ingredients. Helping to rebuild, restore, repair and renew, so that we grow healthy glowing skin from the base up. What better way to support our skins natural process than to use the power and richness of nature itself.

If you’d like to know more about how we could work together let’s arrange a time to talk.

A brand with heart


“Working with Helen has enabled our business to take on an extra dimension that we wouldn’t have been able to manage without her immaculate professionalism. Her ability to make introductions, represent our brand like it was her own and develop long term partnerships is huge.

Knowing that our customers in the Salon & Spa industry are being looked after, nurtured, developed and maintained means we can focus on our service delivery and grow the business for everyone’s benefit.

Helen is flexible in ability and thought, always a sunny disposition and a positive take on every eventuality. A complete joy to be working with her as a truly valued part of our business.”