Connecting brands to the beauty & aesthetic industry


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Introducing me – Helen Portman-Brookes, beauty therapist by trade, connector by coincidence and loving every minute of it!

I work with beautiful brands, placing their products in the beauty and aesthetic marketplace, increasing awareness and market share.

The flip side of this enables me to identify with salons and clinics any gaps in their business and connect them with the right brand, equipment or training as well as offering on-going support.

Think freelance business development manager/trainer working on behalf of AMAZING indie brands within the industry!

Helen Portman-Brookes
A range of beauty products


I work with an amazing selection of indie brands from cosmeceutical lip care, lash/brow/hair oils, skincare, SPF, LED technology, digital software to merchandising solutions.

Let me introduce the brands I am currently blessed to be working with and connecting to the industry…

salons & clinics

The flip side of connecting beauty brands to the indusrty, is that I get to work with amazing salons and clinics too.

Not only filling any gaps they have in their product range, but also helping with other business solutions, offering a sounding board and ongoing support.

Beauty clinic